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We are a group of blooming creative thinkers that welcome challenge.

We build and evolve experiences under the umbrella of products that make up Yahoo. We’re always expanding the team with stand out talent and look forward to meeting you today.

Your mission
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Your day to day

●  Create design solutions that define the user interface and user experience of our products.

●  Play a critical design role at the very front end of product development.

●  Work with multidisciplinary teams and collaborate with other designers and product managers on design concept ideation and development. 

●  Employ a user-centered design process to create beautiful design solutions

●  Lead user testing, working alongside our research team, at all stages of the product lifecycle.

●  Iterate your product using real user data from hundreds of thousands of people.

The DAs

Yuhui Mao

Hi I’m Yuhui Mao! I recently graduated from the University of Washington with a Master’s degree in Human Centered Design & Engineering. Fun fact: my passion for design started with exchanging well-designed postcards and stamps with strangers all around the world. Now I have over 5k postcards collected!

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So Young Han

Hi everyone! My name is So Young, and now working at Yahoo Sports focusing on improving betting experience. I graduated from Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University and worked at Yahoo Mail’s Inbox Commerce team during my first rotation. Apart from working, my biggest interest for now is playing with the cat Yuzu. Nice to meet you all.

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Jun Ye

Hi there! I’m Jun, a product designer at Yahoo Media Content Experience. I graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design (GDVX program). I’m so glad that I decided to join Yahoo DAP. Besides work, I like to explore some cool-looking stuff and do some fun design & photography experiments with my friends.


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Fred Liu

I'm Fred, a product designer currently working on Yahoo Finance as a second-year design associate. Previously I got my masters degree in HCI at Georgia Tech. I'm a 100% cat person and I got a cute Siamese cat @cupidbehindsofa.

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Min Jea Seo 

Hi, I’m Min. I recently graduated from Artcenter College of Design with a Bachelor of Science in Interaction Design. I like to cook with new recipes and try different restaurants around me.

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Inken Zhou

Hi there! Here is Inken. I recently got my master’s in visual communication design - interaction option at Rochester Institute of Technology. Previously live in New Jersey and just move to the Bay area. I am an animation lover and gamer in my leisure hours,  painting cute animals everywhere!

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Samantha Cheung

Hello, my name’s Samantha and I’m thrilled to join the DAP!

I recently graduated from UC San Diego studying Cognitive Science & Design and am glad to be back in the Bay Area where I grew up, although I’m already missing the warm beaches.

I’m a homebody at heart and love staying in with a good book or to knit/crochet.

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Our Alumni


Mika Jiang

Hey! I’m Mika, a product designer at Yahoo News. I studied automobile design at college and graduated from Gatech HCI program. Falling in love with everyone in this program, I feel so lucky that I decided to join. In my spare time, I love watching shiba youtubes, drawing, and playing with shibas. Hoping to pick up my illustration work in the near future.

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Paopao Ge

Hi there, I’m Paopao, a product designer and illustrator. I’ve been working at the Ad Innovation team since my DAP rotation from the Commerce team. Before Yahoo, I studied HCI at CMU and urban design at Tsinghua. Fun fact: I spend 2hr per day exercising in VR.

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Dawen Zheng

Hi, I am Dawen, a product designer at Yahoo Sports. I had my undergrad in Architecture and master in Human-Centered Design & Engineering at the University of Washington. Just moved to the Bay Area this year and love the sunshine here. I enjoy watching basketball but am suck at playing it. My favorite player is Damian Lillard, and favorite quote is “It’s about dame time”

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Peace Chung

Hey, I’m Peace. At Yahoo, I’ve crafted interactive video experiences and refined design language systems. Currently, I’m focused on designing game experiences on Yahoo Fantasy Sports — from playing seasonal fantasy games, to watching NFL live streams, to supporting legal sports betting. Outside of work, I love being an auntie.

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Zoe Chung

After spending one year in Yahoo’s Messaging platform, I transitioned to Verizon Media’s Enterprise Ad Platforms and has been working with the team since then. As a Senior Product Designer on the Ad Platforms’ team, I enjoy crafting an effective, intuitive and efficient digital experience for advertisers and helping brands connect with their intended audiences.

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Chris Riesner

Howdy, I’m Chris, a product designer working on the redesign of Yahoo Mail iOS. I love the chase of turning ideas into reality whether it’s learning a new joinery technique for building a piece of furniture or drafting up a prototype on the computer to put into a user study. Think/Design/Refine keeps me going.

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I’m Wan-Ting, a product designer working on the Yahoo Mail team. I graduated from the University of Michigan and moved to the Bay area to join this big family . When I’m not at work, I make ceramics and travel.

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Judy Zhu

Hi, I’m Judy, a product designer who worked on Yahoo Fantasy Sports and is currently working on Yahoo Finance. Within almost 4 years in Yahoo, I’ve got opportunities working on various products and platforms, solving all kinds of problems, and collaborating with cross functional teams. The Design Associate Program enriched my experience and speeded up my growth.

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Joy Im

I’m a designer on the Yahoo News team supporting all platforms. Graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York. Moved to the Bay area expecting sunny weather. Previously worked for the Yahoo Sports team and the Yahoo Mail team through the Design Associate rotational program. Beside designing, I love trying new foods and taking insta-worthy food photos.

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Tiffany Taimoorazy

I’m Tiffany, a product designer on Yahoo Sports. I graduated from UCLA and moved to the Bay to join Yahoo. When I’m not in the office, I love to keep up with basketball (HUGE Lebron fan), bake, and travel (but usually just from my bed to my couch).

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Yu Liu

Hi I’m Yu, currently working at ads platform team after my first rotation at Yahoo Sports. Before joining Yahoo, I graduated from Umich HCI program, and tried different internships as a Web Developer, Product Manager, and finally find my true passion in product design. In my spare time, I like playing basketball, also a diehard fan of Dwyane Wade. Potluck? LMK!

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Ashlynn Tan

Hello Hello! I’m Ashlynn, currently working on Commerce within Yahoo Mail and first year on Yahoo News. I call myself a designer, amateur photographer, wanderer, dreamer and a fellow Sagittarius! A quote that drives me along my design journey, “Passion leads to success”.

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Ellen Kim

Hi, I’m Ellen working as a product designer in Yahoo Personal Finance. I graduated from NYU ITP (Interactive Telecommunication Program) and joined Verizon Media with amazing other DAs. Always excited to learn how the big company runs the team and launch the features that I’ve designed! I love to travel, go experience something new, and eat!! Always yes for sweets! :)

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Pramiti Khan

Hey! I’m currently working in Ad Innovation team as a product designer after working in Yahoo Entertainment in my first year of DAP. Before joining Yahoo, I helped build three startups, worked for brands across the globe, and secured a patented UX solution. When not designing, you may find me hiking and capturing beautiful moments of life. “Be kind” is the motto of my life.

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Talia Knobel

Hi there! I’m Talia and I lead design for the Yahoo Sports app and web. Formerly a design associate, I fell in love with the program — so much that I am now on the DAP leads team to grow and improve it each year. Each group of design associates never fail to amaze me, and I love getting to know each person and mentoring them to fulfill their greatest potential. In my free time I love to travel and spend as much time outdoors as possible.

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