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Adobe MAX

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

First conference for DAP 2018!

The Design Associates were fortunate enough to attend Adobe MAX this year, one of the world's biggest creative conference held annually in LA. From October 15th through 17th, we had the opportunity to get inspired by great designers and industry experts eager to share their knowledge. The conference hosted over 300 labs and workshops that we were able to attend. Additionally, there was a Community Pavilion where attendees can acquire cool swag products and get in touch with design companies promoted at the convention.

Adobe Keynotes

The Adobe team had a thought provoking keynote presentation that covered innovative technologies and new features in their product line.

A memorable event occurred on the second night where a real-time prototype showcasing future tech named "Sneaks" was presented by Adobe engineers.

Grateful for the experience and memories, the conference was a fruitful one and sparked a lot of creative thinking for the Design Associates. We all got a lot from it and look forward to Adobe's next conference in 2019~

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