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Graffiti Workshop with 1AM SF


The Design Associates recently attended a Graffiti Workshop in San Francisco where they all brought out their inner street swag!

The artists of 1AM Studio instilled in us their passion and knowledge about the history of graffiti and street art through both an engaging presentation and an immersive walk through of the streets of SOMA. Taking in the various murals that decorate these walls, we saw first hand how freedom of speech manifested itself as a visual medium in the form of street art.

Back at the studio, each of first got our first taste of tagging by using graffiti markers to come up with our own lettering style.

We then experimented with spray paint and familiarize ourselves with the medium before committing to our first mural.

Our 1AM Studio experts gave us a huge helping hand and together we painted “Design, Grow, Lead” the DAP slogan on the wall. Go DAP! 👊

Always a blast spending quality time as a team off-site!

(Shout out to Yu and Jia Yu for organizing the event!)

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