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Seeking creative talent!

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Last two weeks, the DAs and the leads attended many career fairs to look for talented candidates to join our Design Associate program. We set up our booths with some cool swag, and our friendly faces to welcome students to our booth with their portfolios and resumes. When we look at portfolios, we look at critical thinking, good interaction skills, an eye for visual, and of course, not to forget, good personality!

Carnegie Mellon University / CMU Feb 21

Talia, our DAP alumni who also helps manage the program, visited CMU together with Yu, and Ashlynn. After checking in, we went for a studio tour to talk to the senior undergraduates and master students. Career fair was a success, we were thrilled that many students came to visit us and shared their work with us!

Savannah College of Art and Design / SCAD Feb 21-22

Pramiti and JiaYu are both SCAD alumni themselves and represented Verizon Media during their career fair to search for suitable candidates from Savannah. Jay our DAP lead also joined them to explain in detail our program to SCAD students.

California College of the Arts / CCA Feb 22

Meanwhile back at the west coast, Zoe and Tiffany joined Erica, our other lovely DAP lead, at the career expo at CCA to look for interaction designer and potential DAP candidates.

We are hiring!

If you are interested to be part of the Design Associate Program, apply online! :)

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