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DAP Logo

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Hello hello! We've launched our new Design Associate Program's logo!

The aim was to create a unique brand identity for the DAP program through the emphasis of the acronym with geometric design elements. The identity package includes design thinking slogans as part of the brand expression that can be used on swag items and other ways for promotion.

Initial Ideation

We started our process by sketching out unfiltered ideas derived from simple shapes that would then form the letters DAP.

Digital Design Development

Potential design directions were narrowed down from ideation sketches into higher fidelity digital versions to get a further evaluation on the design.

The Concept

The proposed final direction was chosen as it embodied both goals of the design intent, abstract yet easily legible.

Interested in the Design Associates Program? Apply for the next DAP class in 2019 and check out our new posts to learn more.

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